June 15, 2024

Debounce calaculator

Use this calculator to determine what capacitors or resistors you should use to debounce your switch, OR  fill in capacitors and resistors and determine high rise time. This calculator is based around a simple RC filter for the switch such as this image.

High logic level The input voltage required by your device to trigger ‘high’
Final voltage The voltage connected to the pull-up resistor
Estimate bounce time Enter the time the switch bounces for, OR output the time the voltage will reach a logical high
Cap value If you know the capacitor value, enter it here
Resistor value If you know the resistor value, enter it here

Note: You must have two of the three: time, capacitor or resistor.

Once all the fields are entered, click the button next to the field to calculate the value.

High logic level:V
Final voltage:V
Bounce time: ms
Cap value: uF
Resistor value:Ohm

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